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My name is Matt and I’m a Senior Digital Product Designer at CNBC. I enjoy an informed discussion about the pros and cons of Apple vs. Android or anything involving tech, music, movies, or video games. Likes include good food, warm weather, and self-deprecating humor. This site was built using Bootstrap 3 which is a current obsession of mine. Below are a few examples of some projects I've worked on.

CNBC Android App

CNBC Android App Finally.

As lead designer for the Android platform at CNBC I have been spending my days working with a team to bring our current app offering up to par with it’s iOS counterpart. Since we released the app in November we have been averaging over a 4 star rating and have recently been designated a top developer.

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User Interface Design Wireframes

UX/UI Design Wireframes Rough to detailed.

The best way to approach a project is from the ground up. At times I've learned this the hard way. Wire-framing sets a solid ground for approaching the start of any project or for adding additional feature sets.

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Responsive Website

Responsive Web Cover your bases.

This is a recent freelance project I worked on. I designed the site, then built it to be mobile first responsive using html5 boilerplate and utilizing jQuery. I also created the logo identity for the rebranding of the business.

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